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WHAT'S THE ATMOSPHERE? (Click and learn)

The atmosphere is the air around the Earth. We find rain, cloud,fog and wind in the atmosphere.Earth's atmosphere makes life possible.

Earth is surrounded by the atmosphere - a blanket of gases which protects us from the Sun's harmful rays and stops Earth from getting too hot or cold.

All the Earth's weather happens on the lowest 10km. of the atmosphere.

Air is made of several gases. The atmosphere contains pollution, water vapor and particles.

ATMOSPHERIC GASES (click and learn)
The atmosphere is made of many gases. It contains water in three forms: a gas called vapour, ice crystals and droplets.

Nitrogen 78%Oxygen 21%Other gases 1%
Other gases: Argon,neon,kypton and xenon, and harmful chemicals like nitrogen dioxide.
The atmosphere pushes down on Earth with a force called air pressure or atmospheric pressure.


  • Animals and plants need gases to live.

    1. Plants need carbon-dioxide. They get it from air and water. Plants make oxygen as waste.
    1. Animals need oxygen. They get it from air or water. Animals make carbon-dioxide as waste.

ATMOSPHERIC LAYERS (click and learn)

Exosphere- The Space

Thermosphere -Ionosphere


Stratosphere - Ozone

Troposphere - Weather


Weather is the state of the atmosphere at a given time and place. Most weather takes places in the troposphere

The meteorologists are the scientists who study and predict weather.
Air temperature and preassure, the amount and type of precipitation, the strength and direction of wind, and the types of clouds are all described in a weather report.

Weather changes each day because the air is our atmosphere is always moving, distributing energy from the Sun.


The ozone is a gas as a layer in the stratosphere, the second layer of the Earth’s atmosphere.

This layer absorbs high- energy UV ( ultraviolet light ) rays from the Sun, protecting us from them.
This ultraviolet light can cause damage to people giving skin cancer or tissue damage to the eyes.


Auroras take place in the Ionosphere (Thermosphere)
Aurora is called the northern lights (Borealis) and southtern (Austarlis) lights .
The aurora is formed when particles from the Sun enter the Earth’s atmosphere. This causes the atmosphere to light up and we see the aurora. 

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